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18 August 1989
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Ummm...LJ sucks. Somehow, someway the bio I had before totally disappeared. o.O

Call me Eli! I'm a 24-year-old female who graduated from CSU- Los Angeles with a Bachelor's in Social Work in 2011 and will hopefully, sooner-rather-than-later, get her multiple-subject teaching credentails and Master's in Education.

Born, raised, and living in Los Angeles, California. I have two little sisters (by little I mean snotty teenagers whom I love). I'm Hispanic (half Salvadorian, half Guatemalan). Oh! Can't forget my youngest sister, Daisy-the-Maltepoo. ^__^

I'm a reader, a writer, a fandom music movie maker, a dreamer, a music lover, lethargic, hyper-when-given-enough-sweets-or-has-had-enough-sleep, a moon worshiper, somewhat socially awkward, glasses/contacts-wearer, animal lover, a Language Arts and Math tutor for K-12 students, more tomboyish than girly (though you wouldn't know it), easily distracted, easily bored (which is why I have to multitask), and have a muse named Manica AKA Manni (*points to default icon*).

Dark blue and silver are my favourite colors. White roses my favourite flowers. Dogs/wolves are my favourite animals. I worship the moon and stars.

And...well... That's about it. Interests are right under interests. Message me if you'd like to add me as a friend (just be really, really sure you do :P ) to make sure I friend back (or if you've asked on a comment I will add back too)!

First fic fest banner! :D


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